VICE Group Plastic Industry

Our Slogan: (Our products, our pride!)

VICE Group Plastic Industry

VICE Group Plastic Industry is the first leading plastic factory in Afghanistan, we are a custom manufacturer of high quality poly sheeting plastic, costumer design of perform and variety of plastic retails merchandise bags and shopping bags.
We here at the VICE Group Plastic Industry are committed to provide the best in services.
The Industry established in January-2014 with the license number (D-55366) from AISA. The factory is equipped with the advance technology of producing best quality ploy sheeting plastic, performs and shopping bags. By this we have decided to be a part of an industrial sector which growth was just to arrive, apart from his traditional & limited home business, his thought, spirit and dare has created an entrepreneur and started serving various industries, satisfying clients time to time with strong maintained relations always, the journey begin and running till date with our valued clients in Afghanistan and overseas.

Our Sales:

With the highly qualified team of Engineers, Designers, and the world class processing machinery’s We hear with invite you to go through our website and let us know your requirements as the website is only a Platform to check within the limit but there is much more at our customized products section to fulfil your requirements to keep you ahead and create your unique identity in Market.

Our Product:

  • Plastic Shopping Bags:

VICE Group Plastic Industry manufactured a wide range of plastic retailer bags, shopping bags and merchandise bags. We also offer several styles of customs retails, shopping and merchandise bags with your company trade mark and information.

  • Performs:

VICE Group Plastic Industry manufacture best quality of preforms available in variety of sizes, types, weight and colors. The preforms are manufactured under A class condition.
This saves considerable amount of your valuable times as well as production cost.

  • Poly sheeting Plastic:

VICE Group Plastic Industry produce high quality poly sheeting plastic in a variety of size and thickness.  Our valued customer can use for a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential purpose.
Our product is excellent stability in both hot and cold temperatures.

  • High pressure plastic pipes:

VICE Group Plastic Industry produce high quality pipes in various thickness and diameter for hot and cold water applications, for gas, etc. Our pipes are used for wide range of industrial, commercial and residential purpose.

Our Value/ features

Customer’s satisfaction - We achieve it within identifying the customer’s present and future needs and serving them according to high national and international standards.

Continuous development - We achieve it as part of our commitment to continuously developing our human resources, technological styles in order to enhance the culture that is based on the principle of effective performance, group work and leader ship

Innovation - We have a permanent thought that there is always a best method of work and consequently we encourage chance and seek obtaining opportunities.

Participating in serving the society - We participate in serving the society with our products & services, in addition creating opportunities for the Afghanistan Youths.