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Our Current Services

1.      VICE Group Authorized distributor of Salaam Telecom


VICE Group is working as authorized distributor of Salaam Telecom since 2014.


Salaam Telecom is the latest entrant in Afghanistan’s telecommunication industry providing a top quality, affordable, 100% Afghanisolution. Envisioned by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Salaamis committed to revolutionize the telecommunication sector in Afghanistan by complementing the nationwide fixed network with 3G GSM voice and data services.


Setting ourselves apart from the competition through our customer-friendly packages without restrictions or tricky charges, Salaam gives its customers the freedom to enjoylowest call rates, both domestic and international, andtrouble-free internet at unbelievable rates without compromising on quality.


Committed to bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan, Salaam is enthused to keep the whole nation connected to only one network i.e.Salaam, the choice of Afghans.


Our avalible produce in the market as a authorized distributor:


1.       Distributing of SIM card


2.       Distributing of Scracht car



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